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"If one day you asked me what youth is, I would say it is an infinity too short."
Marco Grieco

Marco Grieco, born in Salerno in 1967 is a composer, author, director, writer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, videomaker and virtual set designer;

He made his first cartoon in 8mm film at the tender age of 8 and his first musical composition at 10;

At 16 he composed and directed his first film soundtrack;

In 1995 he was a finalist at the Castrocaro Festival and, since 2000, he has published 4 CDs of his compositions as a songwriter;

Between 2003 and 2004 he composed the music and, together with his brother Massimo, the lyrics for the first musical in the history about Homer's Odyssey: Odissea the Musical;

In 2005 he began writing "Alveare", his first ever thriller;

In June 2005 he won the literary prize Parole in Corsa and his story "The bus" is recited and awarded by Mariano Rigillo in the national competition (December 2005). His story "The bus" is published and distributed in Italian bookstores by Full Color Sound;

With his story "The Scream" he is once again awarded a prize in the literary competition "Parole in corsa" ed. 2006 and at the Salerno International Film Festival;

In 2007 he was a guest on Rai several times as a literary critic, author and musician with Chiara Giallonardo;

Between 2006 and 2007 he recorded his new progressive music CD "The planet of free men" which will then be published and distributed in 2009 by BTF in all countries of the world;

In 2007, some of his remixes of songs by Peter Gabriel, Joy and Angeline Kidjo were absolute first in the charts on the Real World charts in England;

With the story "The last day" he won the 2007 literary contest "Parole in Corsa" and was awarded again at the Salerno International Film Festival;

In 2007 he received the "Charlot" Award for the composition of the musical "Odissea the Musical";

On May 9, 2008 the musical written by Marco and Massimo Grieco "Odyssey the Musical" is represented for the first time in the virtual environment of Second Life. It is a success and an international debut. RAI and CNN (which gives the two brothers the name, still used, of "Grieco Brothers" - see and a myriad of newspapers deal with the first musical in history in Second Life;

On July 19, 2008 "Odyssey the Musical" debuts, in front of an audience of more than 3000 enthusiastic people gathered in the Arena of the Temples of Paestum starting the 2008-2009 tour with performers from musicals such as Notre Dame de Paris, Tosca Amore Desperato , Dracula, the Count of Montecristo, the Ten Commandments etc. and with incredible new talents discovered by the casting of 2007. Since then Odissea the Musical will be represented, and continues to be represented, in the most important Italian theaters including the major theaters in the capital: the Sistina, the Brancaccio, the Olimpico etc. ;

In 2010 he completed the composition of the music and, together with his brother Massimo, the texts of Rome Caput Mundi the Eternal Musical, the official musical of the City and History of Rome, which debuted at the Sistina Theater in Rome and subsequently replied to the Auditorium of the Conciliation in Rome, at the Politeama of Naples etc., until obtaining in 2014 a 10-minute standing ovation from the German public at the Kongress Park in Wolfsburg (Germany);

In 2011 he received, together with his brother Massimo, the Pompei Cinema Festival prize, for his activity in the field of composition and writing of musicals with a "filmic" character during the first edition of the Pompeii Film Festival;

Between 2011 and 2015 he composed the music and co-authored the lyrics, a myriad of other musicals (see including "Homo Sapiens", "Michelangelo", "All on the same boat", " Pompeii the fire and the soul "," Salernum ".;

In 2017 he came in second position and with special mention at the "Giallocarta" thriller literature competition with the short story Gniklats;

Marco Grieco has completed the composition of the musicals: "MUTE", "CIRCUS" (whose direction and production are entrusted to Paride Orfei) and "CAVE of SPIRITS" which is a show with incredible virtual scenographies inside the Pertosa-Auletta caves (see;

He has composed music for works by Lamberto Bava, Vito Zagarrio, Alessandro Giglio.

He is completing "Michelangelo's" music, a fascinating musical about the great Florentine artist whose debut is scheduled for 2022;

He collaborates as author and composer with Neri Marcorè, Mario Crescenzo (Neri Per Caso) and with the director Adrian Maben (director of "Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii").

He is composing the music for the first ever musical version of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

He is composing the music for the musical "Pompeii the Fire and the Soul" which will be represented within the excavations of Pompeii;

He completed the composition of the music for the musical "Inferno", on Dante's Inferno, which will be represented in the Caves of Pertosa and Auletta.;

He is completing a new historical thriller in collaboration with his brother Massimo who is interested in the real location of the real Ithaca of Ulysses;

He has just released a new solo rock-progressive record work: "Nothing Personal" (March 2020).

Together with his brother Massimo he created the format, unique and innovative at an international level and approved and supported by the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Blind Theater (see with which the Grieco Brothers will create the version for the blind, visually impaired and visually impaired with a blind mask (non-visual hypersensory) of all their works. The first to be created according to this format is "The Blind Odyssey" which debuted in January 2017 at the San Pellegrino Casino (Bergamo) and in May 2017 at the Donizetti Theater in Bergamo with acclaim from the public and critics.

2005: First place. National literary competition "Parole in Corsa" with the story "L'Autobus";
2006: First place. National literary competition "Parole in Corsa" with the story "L'Urlo";
2006: Special prize for short film subject at the Salerno Film Festival with "L'Urlo";
2007: Charlot Prize for the composition of the texts and music of "Odissea the Musical";
2011: Pompei Cinema Festival Award for writing and composing historical musicals;
2017: Second position with special mention. "Giallocarta" literary competition with the short story "Gniklats";
2018: Finalist. "Giallocarta" literary competition with the short story "Morfeo".